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Professional Mulching Services Canberra

Professional mulching done by Glenn Sheather Horticulture

While removing branches and trees mulching them on spot would leave you with a pile of wood chips to use around your garden. Mulching is one of the important factor in order to conserve moisture prevent erosion and add nutrients to your soil. We've seen the industry evolve over the span of 30 years and throughout this period our philosophy has remained the same, to deliver Quality Services at Competitive Rates. We at Glenn Sheather Horticulture supply top notch quality seasoned mulches that would maintain quality standards. Call us today @ 0458 838 374 to get a free quote with us regarding your garden in Palmerston.

We are one of the leading Professional Mulching Services company in Canberra area. Also provide services in nearby suburbs like Nicholls, Gungahlin, Crace, Franklin, Mitchell, Belconnen etc.

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Few things to know before mulching:
  • WHEN TO APPLY MULCH: We recommend you to apply mulch in the late winter or early spring.
  • 2WHAT TYPE OF MULCH TO USE: You need to choose among organic and inorganic mulches
  • 3USING SAFE MULCH: Make sure the mulch you use is pet-friendly. Certain types of mulch can be harmful to animals
  • HOW TO APPLY MULCH: Before applying mulch, make sure all weeds have been removed.
  • WHAT KIND OF MULCH TO AVOID IN HOT AND ARID AREAS: Never apply black mulches where the climate is hot or arid