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Lawn care

Lawn Care Services Canberra

Have you got the lawn which you want? Let us help you!

You might have seen a beautiful house with an awful lawn! This is because of improper lawn care and mowing. If this is the case with you also just call Glenn Sheather Horticulture at 0458 838 374 to get professional lawn mowing and care services in Palmerston. While freshly-cut lawns do look great, it’s more cosmetic than anything else. Complete lawn care, in Palmerston means doing a little more than pushing the mower around your patch every few weeks, which we would do for you once you sign up with us. You might get lawn care services by some random lawn mowers at a much cheaper cost but if something goes wrong you might have to pay again. So you must have to be ready to pay some amount if you do not want to pay again

We are one of the leading providers of Lawn Care Services in Canberra area. Also provide lawn mowing services in nearby suburbs like Nicholls, Gungahlin, Crace, Franklin, Mitchell, Belconnen etc.

Tilling is a farmer's job and mowing is ours.

Major mistakes done by some random lawn mowers
  • They might cut the grass too short which is not recommended.
  • They might use blunt blades that can bruise grass and leave it looking motley and brown.
  • If it’s been raining, they don’t wait until the lawn is properly dry and crank up your mower.