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Garden Irrigation Expert Canberra

Glenn Sheather Horticulture provides reliable irrigation system for your garden

Glenn Sheather Horticulture has over 30 years of experience to provide you best suited water supply system for your garden. With water being the most precious asset for your garden, irrigation systems should be designed to give the most efficient distribution of available water. We are fully insured and certified company and had qualified professionals who can design, supply and install any pumping and irrigation system that you require. We can assist you in choosing the most suitable home irrigation system for your needs. No matter how large or small water supply systems are the best way to conserve water by making sure it is applied directly to gardens and lawns. Moreover we can also supply you with the right pumping and water treatment system to suit your domestic water supply system.

We are one of the leading Garden Irrigation Experts in Canberra area. Also provide services in nearby suburbs like Nicholls, Gungahlin, Crace, Franklin, Mitchell, Belconnen etc.

Reliable irrigation system is not a magic its a technicality

Some features of proper water supply systems

  • Water savings- You could minimise the misuse of water
  • Controlled flow rate- Garden gets only the required flow rate needed
  • Application of chemicals- Applying chemicals would be easier for you
  • Improved quality of the crop- Water, the most precious asset for crops helps improve the quality of crop sown.