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End of Lease Tidy-up

Are you heading towards end of lease, you need to tidy-up you place

If you are looking to get a thorough cleaning done as you are heading towards end of lease and need to tidy up, the place. For that purpose you just need to touch base with Glenn Sheather Horticulture. We are good for practically any type of cleaning both for residences and commercial buildings alike. And if you are looking for affordable, dependable, and experienced cleaners, then look no further than us. Taking into account the high soaring price of real estate, most of the people prefer to lease or rent houses. We have all at least once gone through the stress of moving out of our leased or rented houses. There are so many things to remember, so many things to do that you tend to forget a lot of things. If you have any quote for tidying up a place as you are moving towards the end of lease feel free to contact us at 0430 501168.

Done right the first time or we do it again!

Before you move out, you are supposed to hand over the property in the same condition as it was when you first leased or rented it, with considerable wear and tear of things. Along with this, the house must be clean and tidy just like at the beginning of your tenancy. In case your tenant is dissatisfied with the cleaning he may deduct a percentage of your bond. All the cleaning must be done really carefully and vigilantly by professional bond cleaners like us in order to get the full bond back. A few precautions here and there can help you win back the full amount.